Welcome to Zeis Quick Dry

Located in Tiffin, OH, Zeis Quick Dry has served the Seneca and surrounding counties for over 20 years with damage restoration services. Zeis Quick Dry works hand and hand with Zeis First General Services, of Central Northern Ohio. We have the technical knowledge and completely understand the construction process with an expertise that qualifies us to outperform our competition and can therefore minimize the loss.zies-truck-logo

When your property sustains water damage from broken pipes, toilet overflow, sump pump fails, rains are heavy, or appliances leak, Zeis Quick Dry's 24/7/365 restoration services, and our quick response team are equipped with the tools and experience to get your life back on track as soon as possible.

Full Range of Equipment

In most losses, the residential or commercial customer will require the removal and/or demolition of items (contents, structure, etc.) damaged in the event. Zeis Quick Dry service has a full range of equipment to deal with this aspect of your loss and will assign all necessary professional capabilities as determined by the individual loss.

We maintain the highest standard of training in the latest water damage control techniques and products available. That, together with our extensive inventory of drying equipment, allows us to quickly restore water damaged items with a lessened cost to the owner/insurer.

You can rest assured that we will work with your insurance company to rectify your critical solution.

Allow us to put our experience to work for you. Call (419) 448-8525 today for a FREE ESTIMATE. When life gets you down – we'll pick you up.

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